About Fabian

Fabian Soler,

I’ve been in the tech industry since graduating with a Computer Science degree in 1992. Most of my career since then has been spent in the financial industry and I’ve held a variety of positions in software development, business analysis, IT Management, and Cyber Security management. Along the way I gained three professional certifications in cyber security which opened a whole new world for me.

Now in my personal life I’m a husband, father, uncle, brother, son, and nephew to a growing family… none of whom show any interest in technology. Naturally, that made me the family techie (or the family nerd) and security advisor by default.

So what does that have to do with my blog?

Well, a while ago I realized that I enjoyed writing. A lot. I also found that many people didn’t care about clear, concise and effective writing even if it bit them on their tuchus. At the same time, the cyber-security industry I worked in was sounding the alarm that the public was not adequately prepared to face the cyber threats and criminal scams of a rapidly changing technological world.  No matter how much we professionals talked about it, people were not getting the message.

So with my family in mind, armed with my knowledge and unique experiences in cyber security, and driven by my fascination with good, clear writing, I decided to create this blog. To help as many people as I could to get past the techno-babble so they could understand (and protect themselves against) the scams and risks of the evolving technological world we live in.

So here’s my blog. I hope you like it.

– Fabian

To learn more about my career, visit my LinkedIn page.
You can also follow my musings on Twitter.

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